Bird Flu

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  • Bird Flu
    • Deaths Caused
      • Spread Through close contact with affected birds
      • 332 people died since 2003
      • Tens Of millions of birds have died
        • Hundred of millions have been slaughtered to stop it spreading
    • Mutation
      • Its been identified five genetic changes which could allow the virud to start a deadly pandemic
      • Concerned that it could mutate into a form that could be spread through coughs and sneezes
    • Bioweapon
      • First time its been shown that it is possible for bird flu to become airborne
        • Research team was unable to determine precisely how likely this was to happen
      • Clear though that the emergence of an airborne muratation of N5H1 is unlikely
        • Were it not it would have emerged already.
      • The NSABB believed the information could be used by terrirists to create a bioweapon


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