Bird Flu

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  • Bird Flu
    • Evolution/ Mutation
      • 5 genetic changes needed to become airborne
        • Research done on weasels proves this
      • 2 of the changes are in a new strain
        • Other three could potentially occur naturally
    • Caused only 332 human deaths
      • This is because it only spreads through close contact with infected birds
      • Much higher is pandemic comes to be
        • This will occur if it becomes airborne
      • Hundreds of thousands of birds killed
        • Even more killed to stop the spread
    • Bioweapon
      • U.S. agency believes some of the research could be used to create bioweapon
        •  The Agency is NSABB National Security Advisory Board for Biotechnology
      • Researchers who put forth information against censorship of science papers
        • Don't believe a 'need to know' basis would work in the larger scientific community


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