Biology 2- Year9

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  • Cell division
    • Biology 2
      • Cancer
        • Can be caused by smoking, obesity, common viruses and UV exposure
        • Benign tumours do not spread around the body
      • Stem cells
        • Not yet specialised (un differentiated)
        • Can form into any type of cell
        • Found in umbilical cords and in bone marrow
        • Capacity to divide is limited
      • Anaerobic Respieration
        • Glucose= lactic acid
      • Osmosis
        • Movement of water molecules through a semi permeable membrane
      • Cell Differentiation
        • A cell changes from on cell type to another
      • Diffusion
        • Many substances move into and out of cells, across the cell membranes
        • Movement of particles from a ore concentrated area to a less concentrated area
      • Cell Development (Mitosis)
    • Parent cells divide into two or more daughter cells


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