Entry Level Double Award Science 3.1.1 Human Body

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  • Biology Entry Level 3.1.1 What is my body made of?
    • Cells
      • Parts of the cell
        • Nucleus
          • Controls the activities of the cell.  Contains genes
        • Cytoplasm
          • Chemical Reactions take place here.  Like a jelly
        • Cell Membrane
          • Controls what goes into cell and out of cell
      • Special Cells
        • Sperm Cells
          • Long tails to swim
        • Nerve Cells
          • Carry impulses around the body. They have a long fibre covered in fat
        • Muscle Cells
          • Long. Bring parts of the body closer together.  Can lengthen and contract
        • Red blod cells
          • Carry oxygen
    • Identify Digestive System
      • Gall Bladder
      • Liver
      • Pancreas
      • Stomach
      • Small Intestine
      • Salivary Glands
      • Large Intestine
    • Identify Major Organs
      • Brain
        • Controls all functions of the body.  Interprets informatin from the outside world
      • Heart
        • Pumps blod around the body
      • Liver
        • Controls level of fat. Combats infections. Processes digested food
      • Lungs
        • Movement of air and gas exchange
      • Kidneys
        • Filter blood and remove urea and excess water
      • Reproductive System
        • Work together for the  purpose of reproducing
    • Circulatory System
      • Heart
        • Pumps blood around the body
      • Blood
        • Transports oxygen and proteins as well as other chemicals around the body
        • Identify blood cells
    • Enzymes
      • Convert food into soluble substances that can be absorbed by bloodstream
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