Biological Explanation of Schizophrenia

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  • Biological Explanation of Schizophrenia- GENETIC FACTORS
    • Evidence has suggested that Schizophrenia has a genetic basis.
      • Twin studies- Rosenthal (1963) found identical quadruplets all developed sz.
      • Family studies- Gottesman (1991) found nearly a 50% chance if both parents had sz, a 16% if one and an 8% chance if a sibling did.
      • Adoption studies- Tienari (1991) 10.3% of children adopted sz against just 1.1% with non-sz mothers
      • Prospective studies- Whalberg (1997) suggested sz develops from the interaction of both gentics and enviroment.
    • Evaluation
      • There may be something special about twins making it hard to draw conclusions from them.
      • Enviromental factors need to be considered as suggested by Wahlberg.
      • Family members spend time together in the same enviroment; enviromental & genetic factors should be studied at the same time.


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