Biological Assumptions

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  • Biological Assumptions
    • Neurotransmitters
      • Cells that are electrically excitable and form the basis of the nervous system. One neuron communicates with another neuron at the synapse, where a message is passed by a chemical messenger; a neurotransmitter. They either stimulate or inhibit the receptors of the other neuron
        • Examples of neurotransmitters; Serotonin- controls mood, apatite and sleep, low levels found in people with depression. dopamine- involved in pleasure, movement and memory, high levels can contribute to schizophrenia.
    • Localisation of Brain Function
      • Refers to the abilities such as producing and understanding language that are controlled by specific areas of the brain. e.g. Frontal lobe- executive function; money, maths thinking. Occipital lobe- visual cortex. Parietal lobe- sensory cortex, sensory information.
        • Phineas Gage; Tamping iron through left side of cheek, suffered damage to the left side of his frontal lobe. Became increasingly aggressive and violent after the accident, became a drunk unable to hold down a job.
    • Evolutionary Influences
      • Evolution is a process in which it is believes that different kinds of living organisms are said to have developed from different forms during the history of the earth.
        • Charles Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection
          • Said that characteristics that give the animal a greater chance of survival and reproduction are adaptive.
        • Environment of Evolutionary Adaptiveness
          • Psychologists arge that humans are adapted to face the environment that out ancestors would have faced.


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