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  • Biological
    • Assumptions
      • Genetic make up and inheritance influence behaviour
      • Humans have evolved biologically we have a lot in common with other animals
      • Chemical processes in the brain responsible for psychological functioning
        • e.g chemical imblalance may cause mental illness
      • CNS brain is essential for thought and behaviour by understanding brain structures we can explain both behaviour and thought
    • Limitations
      • Uses experiments so low eco validity meaning the results cant be applied very well to real life
      • Doesnt recognise cognitive processes so biollogically deterministic
      • Over simplifies the huge complexity of the physical system and its interraction with the environment because it says your environment has no effect on behaviour
    • Strengths
      • Empirical studies to support theories data is reliable can be replicated
      • Strong counter argument to nurture
      • Biological and cognitive approach help explain evolutionary psychology


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