Biogas Production

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  • Biogas Production
    • Batch generators
      • Manually loaded with waste to produce biogas in batches
      • By products cleared away at the end of each session
    • Continuous generators
      • Make biogas all the time
      • Waste continually fed in and biogas produced at a steady rate
      • More suitable for large scale biogas projects
    • Generators
      • Continuous generators are more expensive because waste has to be mechanically pumped in and digested material mechanically removed constantly
      • Batch generators less convinient because waste fed in manually
      • 35 degrees for maximum biogas production
      • Generator best located near waste source
    • Environment and economy
      • 'greener' than fossil fuels, said to be carbon neutral
      • Doesn't produce much SO2 or nitrogen oxides which cause acid rain
      • Raw material is cheap and easily available
      • Slurry used as fertiliser
        • Better than normal fertiliser- more crops
      • Stops developing countries collecting wood for fuel- efficient waste disposal
        • Otherwise waste cause spread disease
    • Made by anaerobic fermentation of waste material
      • 70% methane 30% CO2
      • Mircroorganisms ferment plant and animal waste which contain carbohydrates
      • Can't be stored as a liquid, has to be used immediately for heating e.g
    • Kept at constant temp to keep microorganisms respiring
  • Fermentation is where bacteria or yeast break down sugars by anaerobic respiration
  • Ethanol
    • Anaerobic fermetnation of sugar
      • Glucose-> Ethanol + CO2 + Energy
      • Ethanol distilled to seperate it from yeast and remaining glucose




A useful mind map summarising some of the key points of biogas production. Try printing it off  and then release your creativity! The more imaginative you map is, the better, as you will engage all of your senses. Try adding colour, wherever you can! Your mind map could have more coloured branches and keywords, which will stimulate your brain. Also add images and sketches related to your mind map  ideas, as this will strengthen your memory of your key ideas. 

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