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What is biogas?
· Biogas typically refers to a gas produced by
the biological breakdown of organic matter in
the absence of oxygen.
· Biogas originates from biogenic material and is
a type of biofuel.
· The main component of biogas methane and
carbon dioxide.…read more

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How is biogas produced?
· Biogas is a product of anaerobic digestion organic
material is put in a closed reactor vessel and is
digested by bacteria which produces a biogas.
· In the closed reactor there is a digester and a gas
holder. In the digester the slurry is fermented and
produced as gas and the gas holder collects the
gas and is connected to a storage container.…read more

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Types of biogas generators
· Batch ­ This was the first ever model for a biogas
generator and it was developed in 2000. It's called
an integrated batch type because the gas holder is
not separated from the digester.
· Floating drum ­ This is an alternative storage
method to depressurise the tank it's easier and
cheaper to arrange and store than high pressure
cylinders, regulators and compressors.…read more

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Fixed dome -…read more

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