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  • Biofuels
    • microorganisms
      • Microorganisms decompose organisms waste or dead plants
        • This creates biogas that can be used as fuel
          • It can be burned to heat water, radiators.
          • They can power turbines.
          • Can be used for cars and buses.
        • Advantages
          • It is renewable
            • The plants can be replaced
          • dead plants used to take co2 out, balances out the gases.
          • fairly clean fuel.
          • raw materials for biogas are cheap and available
    • Sugar
      • Alcohol is made from sugar
        • It burns to just give co2 and water
      • produced : yeast to ferment sugars
        • sugar cane, sugar beet
      • large amounts of land are need
        • less land to grow food
        • and distilling the ethanol needs a lot of energy
      • less crude oil is uesd


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