Binomial Expansion

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  • Binomial Expansion
    • Bracket starts with 1
      • substitute into formula
      • make sure the x term is in a bracket as the power applies to all of it
      • make sure you write out the equation in full to gain marks
      • take care with +/- signs
    • Brackets that don't start with 1
      • divide by the number that is there instead of 1
      • take it outside the bracket and apply the power to it
      • find the binomial expansion and then multiply it all by the constant
    • to approximate a value
      • 1. find the expansion in the usual way
      • 2. equate the question to the approximate to find x
      • 3. substitute x into the expansion to obtain the approximmated value
      • finding the percentage error
        • (difference between exact & approximate) /exact value
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