Global tourism - Benidorom

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  • Benefits of tourism - Benidorm
    • Local benefits
      • Many jobs in tourism which pay better than traditional farming or fishing- hotel receptionist etc. (economic)
      • Tax revenue from tourism can be spent improving the streets , buildings and schools for local people (economic)
      • Improved water supplies, electricity supply, sewage systems and internet connections for tourists can be used by locals (social)
      • The town is kept clean and attractive and pollution is kept out of the sea for tourists (environmental)
    • Around Benidorm
      • Farms and fishermen can sell their good to  hotels and restaurants.(economic)
      • Companies which sell building supplies will get more orders (economic)
      • Transport is improved - rods to and from the airport etc (social)
    • Spain
      • People who visit Benidorm will like Spain as a whole so will visit new parts (social_
      • Makes up 12% of spains income and employs 12% of workers (economic)


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