Global tourism growth

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  • Global tourism growth
    • Tourism is the worlds largest industry worth $500bn in 2007.
    • Domestic tourism is between four and five times greater than international tourism.
    • Leisure accounts for 75% of all international travel.
    • Europe receives the most tourism worldwide at 54.4% of all worldwide tourism.
    • Between 2006 and 2007, the international tourism rose by 6.1%.
    • For 83%of countries, tourism is one of the top 5 sources of foreign exchange.
    • Caribbean countries get half of their GDP from tourism.
    • The top 6 tourist destinations are France, Spain, USA, China, Italy and the UK.
    • Germans spend more than any other nation on holiday, followed by Americans, British, French and Japanese.
    • Tourism is one of the greatest providers of jobs and income in countries of all stages of development.
    • A pull factor is an attribute that attracts tourists.
  • Tourism is a temporary short term movement of people to destinations outside the places they live and work.


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