Monitorial system

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  • Bell&Lancaster monitorial system
    • Pros
    • Cons
    • Joseph Lancaster
    • Dr Andrew Bell
    • Huge Classes
      • Wealthier children paid
        • Free/cheaper for poorer people
      • No variation in teaching
      • Can't ask questions
      • Available to many children
      • All children at the same level
        • Only taught basics
          • Didn't need more than that
          • Cannot get into good proffesions
      • Cheap because cost was spread across multiple people
    • Single Teacher
      • Helped by monitors
    • Younger children monitored by older children
      • Treating other children harshly
      • treating children nicer than teachers (no beating)
      • "A school, governed by such order, exhibits a scene of wonder to visitors, and happiness among the children, which baffles the power of description.'
        • "The master should be a silent bystander because the system and not the master's vague or uncertain judgement will be in practice."
          • Written by Lancaster
            • Bias
          • The system works efficiently on its own
        • Written by Lancaster
          • Bias
        • Children enjoy school
      • Teaching smaller groups
      • Possibly less experience
    • "The best form for a school-room is a long square, or parallelogram"
    • Headmaster should be able to see all sudents
      • "pretence for idleness and play",  if the "scholars" are "wholly or partly out of the master's sight."
      • gives "facility to the master in the detection of offenders"
    • There can be no propriety in filling a room with timber when the space is wanted for children. Desks and forms when of a broader surface than actually needful, really occupy that room, which, were they made of proper dimensions, would contain more desks, and consequently more children.
    • School-rooms may be warmed by under-ground flues, heated by a stove which will burn refuse cinders or ashes.
      • Prevention of cold and flu
    • Classes


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