Beliefs in Islam about God

This is a Mindmap on the beliefs in islam about God!!

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  • Beliefs in Islam about God
    • The belief in one and only God
      • No Partners
      • Not Born
      • Does not give Birth
      • No one is his Equal
    • Shirk: Mixing Gods name with other features
    • 99 names aiming to praise God in every way
    • No portraying of God in images, idols or statues
    • Omnipotent
      • Knows everything about everyone
        • Even our intenstions
    • Omnicient
      • Capable of doing anything/everything
    • Omnipresent
      • Is everywhere
    • Creator of everything: Humans, Plants, Universe- EVERYTHING
    • Theists
      • Believers in God
    • Most Merciful, Compassionate and Forgiving
    • Controls our Destinies
    • Islam is a Monotheistic Faith
    • Tawhid- Oneness or Unity
      • God is the One and Only
      • Universal God of all Humanity
      • He is all powerful and Transcendent (Beyond Imaginaion
      • All should summit to higher authority of God
      • Submission by all Individuals what ever the status
    • God is Absolute and All Powerful
    • God is the Light of the heavens and Earth


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