Behaviourism - Classical&Operant Conditioning

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  • Behaviourism
    • Classical Conditioning
      • Pavlov
      • Learning is a relatively permanent change in behaviour due to experience
      • Dog harnessed and salivated when he saw the food after the bell rang
      • experiment
        • NS=No response, US= UR
        • NS+US=UR
        • CS=CR
      • Fears may have developed in this way
      • Desensitisation therapy is where you reduce the bond between the stimulus and response
      • Counter conditioning therapy - replacing the SR bond by introducing something pleasant
      • Aversion Therapy - replacing nice with nasty
      • Sexual Deviancy is fetishism
    • Operant Conditioning
      • Learning due to the consequences of voluntary behaviour, through positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement and punishment.
      • Skinner
      • No stimulus = response
      • Rat becomes operantly conditioned as it learns that when you press the lever you get food
      • Must use reinforcementor punishment immediately
      • Punishment often doesn't work
      • Consequences
        • Positive reinforcement
          • increase in behaviour by receiving something pleasant
        • Negative Reinforcement
          • Increase in behaviour by receiving something unpleasant
        • Punishment
          • Decrease in behaviour by anything unpleasant
      • Behaviour modification
        • 3 step training method
          • Define the goal
          • Define the  start
          • Positively reinforce each step


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