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  • Beethoven
    • context
      • 1799, septep unusual, 1st of 6 movements, no required instrument, 1st performed in Vienna concert
    • Instrumentation
      • Clarinet Bflat (tone lower) Horn Eflat (maj6th lower), Violins, Viola, cello, Double bass
    • Texture
      • Wide variety text, B1-Homop, B2-Mono; Violins, B47-50 Antiphonal exch;Clari,ba,violins, B50-53- Homophonic; melody dom
    • Rhtyhm/metre
      • INRO-Simple triple, Complex demi-semi, sextuplets,dotMAIN- simple/common time, B76-79 continuous triplets, B45-46 prominent sync, B284 Rhythmic diminution crotchet-quavs
    • Harmony
      • Functional, B28-29 perf cadence, B7-8 Feminime cadence, B7 German Aug 6th, B98-106 french horn/lowe string tonic pedal, Intro ends on Dom 7th


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