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  • Bandura
    • Background
      • Social learning theory  - children may learn behaviours by observing others.
    • Aim
      • To demonstrate that children observing an aggressive role model would imitate the behaviour of the role model.
    • Participants
      • 72 children from Stanford University nursery (36 boys, 36 girls). 24 children in each condition.
      • Age ranged from 37-69 months and the mean age was 52 months.
    • Procedure
      • A lab experiment with 3 conditions was used - aggressive, non-aggressive and control.
      • 6 of each gender saw the aggressive male, non-aggressive male, aggressive female and non-aggressive female.
      • Matched participant design
      • Children were exposed to their experimental condition then taken into another room with toys in but were told that these toys were too good for them and were taken to a third room.
      • The third room held a number of aggressive and non-aggressive toys. Such as the bobo doll.
    • Conclusions
      • No classical or operant conditioning took place
      • Children were more likely to learn from same-sex models
    • Evaluation
      • Ethnocentric bias - all children were from the University University.
      • Cause & effect could be established as it was an experiment, and Inter-rater reliability is high in terms of how they were rated prior to the study.
      • Quantitative data was collected - easy to analyse. Qualitative data - what the children said/actions.
      • It is unknown if the children's assent was gained, distressing situations and deliberately antagonised.
    • Results
      • The children in the aggressive condition imitated many of the modelled physical and verbal aggressive behaviours, but also imitated non-aggressive behaviours.
      • The children in the non-aggressive condition imitated very few of the modelled behaviours and 70% had zero scores. They spent more time playing with toys and more time doing nothing.
      • Boys imitated more physical aggression and were more aggressive after watching the male aggressive model. Females were more aggressive after watching the female aggressive model


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