B6 Ecology

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  • Ecology
    • Population: The quantity of a particular species within a given ecosystem
    • Habitat: All the abiotic factors, aka where the organism lives
    • Ecosystem: An area consisting of all biotic and abiotic factors
    • Distribution: Where organisms live across an ecosystem
      • Affected by both biotic and abiotic factors
    • Competition:  when animals fight over resources, space or mating
      • Interspecific is between species
      • Intraspecific is within a species
    • Adaptations
      • Behaviourial
        • An animal adapting to do something
      • Functional / Physiological
        • An adaptation you cannot see, e.g. immune system
      • Structural / Anatomical
        • A physical adaptation
    • Community: All the living species (or biotic factors) in an ecosystem


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