B4 The Processes of Life

A mindmap I created for revision on B4 with the help of a OCR essentials revision guide

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  • B4 The Processes of Life
    • Cells
      • cells contain DNA and organelles
        • Animal cells- cytoplasm, mitochondria,  nucleus, cell membrane
        • Plant Cells- cell wall, permanent vacuole, chloroplasts and ALL FEATURES OF ANIMAL CELL
        • Microbila cells- eg baceria, yeast,- cell wall (protein) and DNA
    • Enzymes- molecules, speed up chem reactions in cells. temperature
      • LOCK AND KEY MODEL-active site/ molecule fits into enzyme for reaction
    • Respiration- release of energy Aerobic/ Anaerobic
    • Photosynthesis
      • temperature, light, co2
      • oxygen waste product
    • DIFFUSION- movement HIGH to LOW oxygen,  co2 dissolved food
      • ACTIVE TRANSPORT (OPPOSITE)- movement of substance low to high concentration (energy from respiration needed)
    • OSMOSIS- water- dilute to concentrated solution, partially permeable membrane, dilutes concentrated solution, allows water M through but not solute M (too large)


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