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  • B3b
    • Deforestation
      • CO2 is released- micro-organisms break down trees (respiration
      • burning tree debris releases CO2 into atmosphere
        • people loose land when rainforests are cut down
    • Global Warming
      • earth receives heat from sun. Gases in atmosphere absorb.
        • if they didn't absorb, would be lost into space. CO2 and methane keep earth surface warmer
      • If amounts of CO2 and methane increase, the heat will reflect back to earth's surface
      • coal, oil and natural gases are carbon based, producing water and CO2 when burned. when CO2 enters atmosphere it creates a blanket.
    • Biofuel
      • produce less carbon dioxide than biodiesel. not carbon neutral. fossil fuels are used in their production
    • Bioethanol
      • C2H5OH
      • not a hydrocarbon- contains O2, Carbon and Hydrogen. made during fermentation
    • Biodiesel
      • made from rapeseed oil and other plant oils
        • used in diesel powered vehicles
        • carbon neutral- amount of carbon released is equal to the amount of carbon absorbed- reducing greenhouse gas
      • contains very little sulphur


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