B3 Living and Growing

Mind Map of B3 Living and Growing.

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  • B3 - Living and Growing
    • Molecules of Life
      • Mitochondria
        • - Respiration takes place in the mitochondria.
        • is very small  and cannot be seen using a school microscope.
      • Ribosomes
        • Ribosomes are too small to see using the light microscope.
        • have alot of structures
        • Found in the Cytoplasm.
        • used in the cell when proteins are made.
      • DNA
        • Tightly coiled inside the nucleus.
        • Forms structure called chromosomes.
        • A section of a chromosome is called a gene.
        • DNA is a code for making protein.
      • Discovery of DNA.
        • Watson and Crick discovered the structure of DNA in 1953.
        • Repeated by other scientists to help make sure the results were valid.
        • Erwin Chargaff discovered that there were equal numbers of A and T bases of C and G bases in DNA.
    • Proteins and Mutations
      • Collagen- This protein can be found in the walls of arteries. it makes the walls stronger.
        • this can be found in bones, tendons and cartilage.
      • Insulin - controls the blood sugar levels in the body.
      • Haemoglobin - used to carry oxygen around the body
      • Mutations
        • sometimes a gene code can change.
        • Can cause the shape of protein to change.
        • Gene Mutaions cna be caused by : - Radiation
      • Enzymes
        • speed up reactions in body (biological catalysts)
        • lock and key theory:
          • substrate molecule fits into the active site
        • Each enzyme can only work on a particular substrate.


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