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eco systems

a garden is an exmaple of an eco systeem- all the living things in the garden and their surroundings make an ecosytem.

all the animals and plants living in the garden make up the community.

Like all communities the members if the community affect each others lives. Flowers produce nectar for the bees to eat and bees carry pollen from one flower to another-                   Where an animal lives is called its HABITAT > an worms haitat is the soil.

Eco systmes can be natural like a lake----- or artifical such as an aquarium

An EcoSytem descibes living things an their enviroment.

A HaBITat descibes the place where the living things live.

The amazon is one of the most important ecosytems in the world.

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Animals from the deep cannot live near the surface, they are rarely seen.

for example the gaint squid... can grow to 20m long but never been found to live near the surface, its thought it can only take oxygen from cold water, when it gets to warmer surface water it suffocates.

to see animals in their natural habitat requires very expensive submarines, a human would be crushed due to the increased pressure at such depths.

ArTiFicAl EcoSytEmS- Oceans are natural ecosystems- they exist without the help from humans

There are many artfical ecosytems controlled by humans, a field of wheat is mainly artifical, farmers try to control what grows and lives there..

they use herbicides to remove weeds, they use pesticides to control pests, they cab increase the crop yeild by adding fertlisers...... Biodiversity descibes the rabge of living things, both plants and animals in an ecosystem, when a farmer uses pesticides etc he decreases the boidiversity of his farm

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living things



pitfall traps-


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