B2 Revision

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  • Microorganisms
    • B2 Revision
      • symptoms of infectious diseases
        • When inside the body microorganisms start to reproduce
        • As they start to grow they damage cells, by popping them (LYSIS)
        • They also produce toxins (poison)
        • When the toxins reach a certain level the symptoms of the disease will appear
        • They grow in the body because there is water, oxygen, food and heat
      • The Immune System
        • The body has an immune system to fight off invading microorganisms
        • The immune system is layerd
        • it has layers to make it hard for microorganisms to enter
        • Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell that moves in the bloodstream looking for microorganisms
        • B-Cells- white blood cell that make substances like anti bodies to fight microorganisms
      • Testing drugs
        • OPEN TRIALS are when both the patient and the doctor know they are using a new treatment
        • Its called a PLACEBOS
        • DOUBLE BLIND is when neither the doctor or patient knows the tratment
        • A BLIND TRIAL is when only the doctor know which treatment is being used
    • Microorganisms are to small to see with the necked eye
    • They include bacteria, viruses and fungi
    • They can be beneficial however they can cause us harm


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