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  • B1.8    Evolution
    • Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection states all living things have evolved from simple life forms that first developed more that 3 billion years ago.
      • the theory wasn't always accepted because of three reasons.
        • it challenged the idea that God made all the animals and plants.
        • there was insufficient evidence.
        • the mechanisms of inheritance and variation was not known until 50 years later.
    • Lamarcks theory was based on the premise that changes that occur in an organism during its lifetime can be inherited .
    • evolution occurs via natural selection
      • individual organisms within a particular species may show a wide range of variation because of differences in their genes.
      • individuals with characteristic most suited to the environment are more likely to survive and breed.
      • the genes that have enabled these individuals to survive are then passed on to the next generation.
    • where new forms of a gene result from mutation there may be relatively rapid change in a species if the environment changes.


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