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  • B1.2 - Nerves and Hormones
    • The Nervous System
      • Allows you to react to surroundings and coordinate your behaviour
      • It consists of: The brain, spinal cord, nerves and receptors
      • Effectors are either muscles or glands
        • Muscles react by contracting, glands react by secreting chemical substances
      • Receptor, Sensory Neurone, Relay Neurone, Brain/Spine, Motor Neurone, Effector
    • Types of Receptor
      • Detect stimuli (changes in environment).
      • Eyes - Light, Ears - Sound, Nose & Tongue - Smell and Taste,      Skin - Touch, Pressure, Pain, Temp
      • The information about changes in your environment follows a pathway: SRSRMER
    • Types of Neurone
      • Specially adapted cells that carry electric signals (nerve impulses)
      • Sensory neurone carry to the CNS
      • Motor neurones carry from CNS to effector
      • Relay neurones are in the CNS


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