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  • B1 - keeping healthy
    • Diet and exercise -B1 1.1
      • Balanced diet: carbohydrates proteins fats vitamins minerals  fibres water. This is needed to build cells.
      • keywords: deficiency malnourished metabolic rate inherited minerals vitamins
      • If too much energy is taken in then you put on weight, this means that your diet will be unbalanced   you also need a balanced amount of victims and minerals,.
      • Things that effect the amount of energy you need: being a male - as males need more energy then females. being pregnant, being a teen, being over 70, the amount of exercise you do. how hot on temperature is were you live
      • Metabolic rate, is a chemical reaction, this is effect by the proportion of fat to muscle, and the amount of exercise also effects it, as it increase the amount of muscles.
    • Weight problems
      • key words: overweight  obese mass ions
      • Losing weight . If you don't lose weight it can cause: type 2 diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, high blood  pressure. The more unused energy the more fat. To lose fat reduce the amount of energy, increase the amount of energy you use, by exercise.
      • Deficiency diseases are due to lack of mineral ions and vitamins.
    • Inheritance- B1 1.3
      • inheritance can effect your weight
      • Controlling cholesterol, this is effected by inheritance. however cholesterol is need of cell membrane and to make hormones. if you have too much cholesterol then you are at risk of getting heart disease. by eating lots of high fat food your cholesterol increases.
      • Your cholesterol levels can be effected by  how much exercise you do.
    • Pathogens and disease -  B1 1.4
      • Key words: infectious diseases,            microorganism


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