FOCT: Human Nature

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  • Augustine on Human Nature
    • Original sin is ontological and all pervasive
    • Fall. The evil will precedes the evil act
    • Pre-Fall
      • Adam and Eve lived as friends. Sexual intercourse is without lust
      • The will is created by God from nothing. It can be selfish (cupiditas) or loving (caritas)
      • Eden/paradise: humans and God lived in harmony
    • Post-Fall
      • The will is divided, being both rational and rebellious
      • Concupiscence/lust dominates the will's appetitive self
      • Image of God
        • Women to be obedient to men (the veil symbol), rule household
        • God's grace is the only means by which human will can be brought back into harmony
        • Men to rule, be obedient to God and complete women


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