FOCT: God and Creation

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  • Aquinas: God's relationship to the world
    • God and angels
      • Their form is to know
      • Telos is to serve God and convey his will
      • Materially they have no corporeal bodies; "separated substances"
    • God and humans
      • Their form is intellectual and to order creation
      • Telos is to know God and have eternal life
      • Materially they are corporeal and have intellectual souls
    • God and creation
      • God's actions: primary (creation shares God's likeness) and secondary causes (God's indirect action)
      • Actus purus: God constantly produces, orders and preserves
      • Creation ex- nihilo: God acts freely and is greater than that which he creates
      • Divine simplicity: God is utterly different from his creation- he is more than just a cause
      • Ens / Esse : all created things act differently
    • Modern Debates
      • God's action: process theology
      • Science and creation: chance and necessity
      • Angels: significance of the imagination


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