Au revoir Themes

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  • Au Revoir Les Enfants
    • Les thèmes
      • L'amitié
        • Becomes friends with Jean despite the other boys making fun of him
        • not phased by the fact that Jean is Jewish
      • l'innocence
        • Julien is naïve to the outside world
          • school acts like a cocoon
          • What is a Jew?
            • doesn't understand why being a Jew is considered bad so is happy to make friends with Jean
        • destroyed when Jean and Pere Jea are taken away
        • Child used to symbolise innocence
          • coming of age drama
            • leaves childhood behind and becomes aware of dangers of adult world
          • at the start - Julien looking forlorn out of train window
        • Louis malle wants us to think that their relationship is nothing out of the ordinary
      • la guerre
        • absurdity of the whole war
        • Restaurant scene
        • only occasionally does the outside world make an appearance
          • power cuts
          • German soldiers
      • Louis Malle doesn't give a concrete message
        • Most of story is frivolous  - revolves around the daily lives of the children
      • Persucution of the Jews
        • Focused the death of one boy - to illustrate the death of 6 million Jews
          • The impact it had on one person
            • stopped Jean becoming a statistic
        • Relies on the audience knowing what will happen to jews (jean)
      • France sous l'occupation
        • more interested in victims than perpetrators
        • german soldiers hunt for Jean and Jewish children like a game - hide and seek
          • It was down to french women and men that the germans found the children
            • Joseph denounces them
    • Cinematic devices
      • Dark and dull colours  throughout the whole movie
        • dark, depressing tone to the movie
        • nothing bad happens until the final five minutes


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