Pyschology Attachment studies

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  • Attachment studies
    • Bowlby
      • Evolutionary theory
    • Bohman and Sigvardsson
      • Adopted children can reverse negative affects of being in care by forming good bonds with their new family
    • Tronick et al
      • Efe, AFrican tribe
      • Cultural variations
    • Minnesota longitudinal study
      • Sroufe et al
      • Continuity hypothesis
    • Dollard and Miller
      • Operant conditioning
      • Learning occurs through positive and negative reinforcement
    • Robertson
      • Laura- young girl dealing with separation with parents in a hospital ward
      • Jane, Lucy, Thomas and Kate- placed in foster care during mothers stay in hospital, coped well and formed attachments with caregiver
      • John- placed in residential nursery during mothers stay in hospital, did not form attachments and grew resentful of mother
    • Skeels and Dye
      • Poor intelligence scores for children became higher when with mentally retarded adults
    • Bilfulco et al
      • Early disruptions in attachment may make an individual psychologically more vulnerable
    • Pavlov
      • Classical condtioning
      • Learning through association
    • Schaffer and Emerson
      • Monotropy
    • Spitz and Wolf
      • 100 'normal' children placed in an institution became severly depressed
    • Van IJzendoorn and Kroonenberg
      • meta-analysis of 32 studies
      • Secuer attachment most common across cultures
    • Harry Harlow
      • Harlow's monkeys
      • Comfort more important than food
    • Hodges and Tizard
      • Children with no attchments later difficulties with peers
    • Kagan
      • Temperament hypothesis
    • Rothbaum et al
      • Cultural bias
    • Ravel et al
      • low correlations between measures of maternal sensitivity and strength of attachment
    • Takahashi
      • Untitled
    • Ainsworth
      • Strange situation
      • Cultural differences in attachment
      • Uganda
      • Hazan and Shaver- love quiz
      • Main and Weston- childrens behaviour varies dependent on which parent is present
    • Grossmann and Grossmann
      • German infants-Insecurely attached in strange situation due to cultural differences
    • Fox
      • Israeli Kibbutzim


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