Atomic Structure

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  • Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table
    • John Daltons Theory
      • All matter made up of atoms
      • Atoms cannot be created or destroyed
      • In chemical reactions atoms in the reactants are rearranged to give the products of the reactions
    • Relative Abundance
    • Nuclear Atom
      • Thompson discovered all metals when heated, giave off charged particles (negatively)
      • Aston invented mass spectrometer to measure masses of atoms precisly
      • Final Rutherford atomic theory
        • Nucleus of atom contains a fixed number of positively charged protons
        • Neutrons are not charged
        • Number of electrons = number of protons
    • ATOMIC NUMBER: number of protons in nucleus of an atom of that element
    • MASS NUMBER: protons + neutrons
    • ISOTOPE: an atom that has a different number of neutrons but same number of protons
    • RELATIVE ATOMIC MASS: weighted average mass of an atom of that element divided by 1/12 the mass of a carbon-12 atom


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