At an Inn

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  • At an inn - Thomas Hardy
    • Inspired by Hardy's relationship with aristocratic and literary Florence Henniker - slightly autobiogaphical
      • no evidence that they engaged in a sexual relationship but they met whilst they were both married and forged a great friendship - even writing a short story together
    • He took her to an inn - people assumed they were lovers
    • Victorian poetry
    • Hardy criticised Victorian society
    • They are frowned upon by society for being together but not being 'together'
      • criticism of Victorian values and the inability for men and women to be merely friends
    • a misunderstanding
      • Hardy's thoughts of what might have been
        • regret? lost opportunity?
    • ABABCDCD rhyme scheme
      • regularity
      • Conversational feel as if he is recounting a story known to them both that is light-hearted and reminiscent
      • Iambic diameter and tetrameter
        • the manipulation of the meter shows that there a deeper feelings beneath the surface.
    • 'strangers' ambiguity are they strangers to the inn or each other?


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