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  • Assumptions
    • Biological
      • The role of hormones can influence behaviour
        • Adrenaline and Testosterone
      • Genes influence behaviour
        • Autism
      • Evolution has influenced behaviour
        • Facial expression and rainig eyebrows
    • Behaviourist
      • Classical Conditioning
        • Pavlov's Dog
      • Behaviour can be learnt through Operant Conditioning
        • Skinner's pigeons and work in schools
      • Behaviour is learnt throught the social learning theory of agression
        • Bandura's Bobo Doll experiment
    • Cognitive
      • The mind is like a computer
        • The muti-store model
      • Behvaiour can be explained by internal mental processes
        • Schemas
    • Psychodynamic
      • Behaviour is influenced by childhood experiences
        • Freud and personality development
      • behavioiur is influenced by three parts of the mind
        • Id, Ego and Superego


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