Associates of Cleon and Playwrights Mocked in 'Peace'

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  • Associates of Cleon and Playwrights in 'Peace'
    • Cleonymus
      • Peace's best friend because he's a 'castaway'
        • Joke, similarity of words between 'one who throws something away' and 'a child substituted for another'
      • Notorious glutton
    • Hyperbolus
      • "**** of the walk there on the Pnyx"
      • Exiled by Ostracism in 417/416
      • Assasinated in 411
      • Cleon's successor as the most influential speaker in the Assembly
        • Political ally of Cleon
      • Frequently ridiculed by comic poets
      • "rotten leader"
        • temporary wrap
        • lamp-seller
    • Sophocles
      • Compared with Simonides
        • High charge for his plays
        • Complete hyperbole, Sophocles wouldn't do this
      • Perhaps being a large part in the remuneration of tragic poets which comedic ones couldn't get.
        • Remurnation: money paid for work or for a service
    • Cratinus
      • Comic poet
      • Not actually dead by 421BC
      • referred to in Knights as being a drunkard, he is now dead, of a broken heart because the Spartans smashed so many wine jars when they invaded


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