Parabis in Peace by Aristophanes

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  • Parabis in Peace
    • Aristophanes should win first prize
      • Him winning would be good for the bald people - absurd
        • Makes fun of Aristophanes' thinning hair 'give old Baldy more sweet'
    • Amount members is uncertain, but it is highly unlikely that the play would finish with only half of the Chorus present, it being the main spectacle for many of the audience
    • Wishes Trygaeus a safe return home
      • 'All good fortune we wish to our hero'
    • "What we've got on our mind"
      • ‘best of all the comic tribe’
        • Wants Aristophanes to win
      • 13 Line Stanza following
        • Aristophanes claims that his originality did away with the usual scenes found in other comedies - Ironic
          • He reused parts from Wasps!!
      • Attack on Cleon
        • Named Paphlagonian
        • 'loathsome smell of leather'
        • 'greatest monster in the land'
      • Chorus = Heracles.
    • Homophobia
      • Playing on the male audience to entertain them
      • He did not waste time picking up young boys at the wrestling schools, instead he gave his audience much pleasure
    • Final Stanza
      • Stesichorus' words  are used in a simple way by the Chorus to celebrate the end of war.
      • petty, almost childish attack on Carcinus and his sons
      • Mocking contemp. politicans and figures


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