Aspects of narratives

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  • Aspects of narrative
    • Scenes and Places
      • what are the most important scenes?
      • how do these add to the resolution of the story?
      • Why did the author choose this scene/place?
    • characterisation
      • Who is the main character? why?
      • Why is that character important?
      • Why did the author choose to include this character?
      • how does each character effect the resolution of the story?
      • how do the characters differ from one another? Why is this?
      • What's the character like? is this a true representation of them or is it biased?
    • Time and sequence
      • what is the context behind the story? how does this effect it's content?
      • Does the time in which it was written effect the story?
    • Voices and P.O.V
      • Who's the narrator?
      • Is the view point of the story biased?
      • How many of the characters voices do we as readers hear? which characters are they?


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