AS Plc

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  • AS Plc
    • AS plc is a public limited company.
      • More capital can be invested because people buy shares = can expand and diversify
        • AS plc raised the money to buy the Chinese business which makes the body panels for its cars by ‘selling additional shares on the UK and Chinese stock markets’
      • Each shareholder has very little say in how AS plc is run unless they have a lot of shares
    • Key components and locations
      • Engines        UK
      • Body Panels CHINA
      • Radiators GERMANY
      • Disc Brakes  POLAND
        • The design of the disc brakes are unique.
          • Makes AS plc  venerable
      • Wheels TAIWAN
      • Leather Seats SPAIN
      • Head Lamps MEXICO
      • Tyres       ITALY
    • Sales increased in the BRIC economies
      • Brazil
      • Russia
      • India
      • China
    • AS plc manufactures and produces 'expensive' spots cars
      • its based in Donton
        • In need of regeneration
      • cars are seen as special and exclusive


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