The Woman In Black English Essay

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  • The Woman in Black
    • Personification
      • give human characteristics to something the isn't human
      • Unexpected, makes the reader uneasy
        • "the pathways seemed to be receeding"
          • Pathways can't go backwards.
      • makes readers confused
      • Page 85 "I saw the water had become to seep nearer, quite silent and slow".
        • Water is deliberately trying to get close to Arthur
        • Readers become worries in case Arthur gets pulled in and dies.
    • Pathetic Fallacy
      • Using weather to show emotions
      • the weather is stopping Arthur from doing his job, he can't escape from where the house is.
      • "the fog was creeping in and out of alleys"
        • This is sort of like what the woman in black was doing, creeping around.
      • Fog in London could be a metaphor for the woman in black.
        • A metaphor is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an action.
    • 1st Person Narrative
      • builds a relationship between the audience/reader and Arthur
      • Arthur's response and no one elses.
        • Only from Arthur's point of view.
      • We hear Arthur's point of view because he is the main character.
        • He doesn't know whats going on.
          • Neither does the reader, this creates fear and tension for both Arthur and the reader.
    • Adverb
      • Lost all hope, scariness has become over powering.
      • Arthur being scared creates tension.
      • 'Walking slowly' --> Makes the reader want to know what's going to happen
        • Why is Arthur walking slowly?
      • Arthur is desperately clingy which creates tension
      • Adds to the verb (ly etc)
    • Sensory Description
      • Warm and bright
      • Describing sound, taste, feel, etc.
      • "half expecting to catch a glimpse of the black figure" Page 84, creates tension.
        • Creates tension because Arthur is half expecting it
      • "Outside all was quiet" Page 84
        • Reader thinks that something might happen.


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