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  • Aquifers
    • Bodys of rock with high porosity so that large quantities of water can be stored
      • Poorly cemented sandstones
      • Limestones
      • Fractured chalk
    • Recharge zone
      • Replenished through rainwater and can provide a constant supply of water
    • Confined
      • Overlain by impermeable rocks and the groundwater held within it is under hydrostatic pressure
        • Ground water replenished through recharge zones
    • Unconfined
      • Open to the atmosphere, under atmospheric pressure
        • Replenished through rain water
    • Perched aquifer
      • Above regional water table
        • Lens of impermeable rock prevents the water from percolating downwards
    • Fossil aquifer
      • No longer replenished -> non renewable
        • Represents a relic of a past wetter climate
      • Require careful management
        • Ogallala aquifer, USA
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