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  • Apollo's ALSEPS
    • Soil Mechanics Investigation
      • measured properties of lunar soil
      • allowed scientists to compare lunar soil to Earth soil, proving origin of moon
    • Solar Wind Composition Experiment
      • collected samples of solar particles using sheets of paper, like flypaper
      • used to determine danger of solar wind to astronauts
      • found that solar wind is mainly hydrogen
    • Passive Seismic Experiment
      • detected "moonquakes" to show how geologically active the moon is
      • gave information about internal structure
      • no geological activity found
    • Laser Ranging Retrofractor
      • mirror on moon's surface
      • scientists fired laser at mirror, used reflection to calculate exact distance
    • LCROSS
      • not really an ALSEP
      • spacecraft that was crashed into Cabeus crater near South Pole
      • proved existence of ice on moon
      • found Cabeus's mass could be 5% water


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