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  • antimicrobials
    • antimicrobials are chemicals that inhibit the growth of microorganisms or kill them, without seriously damaging your own body cells
      • useful for clearing up infections that your own immune system is having trouble with
        • antibiotics are a type of antimicrobial that can kill bacteria
          • however antibiotics DO NOT KILL VIRUSES
            • flu's and colds are caused by viruses so antibiotics can not be used to treat them
    • microorganisms can evolve and become resistant to antimicrobials
      • microorganisms can sometimes develop random mutations in their DNA
        • this  can lead to changes in the microorganisms characteristics
          • can sometimes mean that the organism is less effected by the anitmicrobial
            • means that the microorganism has a big advantage
              • able to survive better
                • lives longer
                  • reproduces more times
                    • this leads to gene resistance being passed on
                      • NATURAL SELECTION
                        • this is how it spreads
                          • this is a problem to those who become infected
                            • sometimes drug companies can make new antimicrobials that are effective
                              • "superbugs" that aare resistant to most known antimicrobials are becoming more common
                                • eg (MRSA)
      • the more often antibiotics are used, the bigger the problem of antibiotic resistance becomes
        • only use them when you really need too
      • antibiotics do not actually cause resistance
        • they create a situation where naturally resistant bacteria have an advantage
          • and so increase in numbers
            • it is important that you take all the antibiotics the doctor has prescribed to you
              • people stop taking them when they feel better
                • increases the risk of antibiotic resistant bacteria forming


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