Anselm's ontological argument part 1

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  • The Ontological Argument part 1
    • Anselm's 1st ontological argument-   from definition
      • 3) This being would be greater than God
      • God is that than which nothing greater can be conceived
      • 1) God is the greatest being possible
      • 2) If God exists in the mind alone, then a greater being could be imagined to exist
      • 4) Thu sGid cannot exist in the mind alone - reductio ad absurdum
      • 5) Thus, God must exist in both the mind and reality
    • Anselms 2nd Ontological argument- response to Gaunilo
      • 1) God is the greatest possible being
      • 2) It is greater to be a necessary being than a contingent being
      • 3) If God exists as a contingent being then a greater, named necessary being can be imagined
      • 4) This necessary being would be greater than God
      • 5) Therefore, God must be a necessary being to exist in reality
    • Gaunilo's perfect island response to Anselm
      • Accused Anselm of making an illegitimate leap from existence in the mind and in reality
      • Argued proving God's existence by reductio ad absurdum was illogical
    • Basis for Anselm's argument
      • Psalms 53-The Fool has said in his heart that there is no God
      • Based on the  premise that there is a universe but it is contingent - the reason for the universe therefore must be necessary
      • Argument is found in Proslogion


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