Anselm's First Ontological Argument

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  • Anselm's First Ontological Argument
    • Explaining the Argument
      • 1. God is the greatest possible being
      • 2. Even the non-believer knows that God is the greatest possible being (in intellectu)
      • 3. It is greater to exist in reality and in 'understanding'
      • Conc. God exists in both reality and understanding
        • Vardy: "Anselm is saying that 'God exists' is an analytic statement, we can show the statement is true merely by analysing what it means to be God
    • sought to provide a single proof that God existed and that would reveal him to be the supreme good who is necessary
    • Critiquing the Argument
      • Guanilo's Island
        • Suppose someone proposed 'the most perfect island'
          • Since it is perfect, according to Anselm's logic, it must therefore exist
          • Furthermore, since part of perfection IS existence, the island MUST exist


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