Animal clones

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  • A cloned animal is one that has been produced using the same genetic information as another animal
    • animal clones
      • splitting embryos.
        • 1: high value female egg + high value male sperm
        • 2: invitro fertilisation
        • 3: 16 cell embryo split into 4
        • 4: surrogate mother.s
        • each calf is a clone of EACH OTHER
      • Nuclear transfer
        • 1: remove mammary cells/ body cells
        • 2: remove nucleus from donor egg cell
        • 3: mammary nucleus + empty egg cel
        • 4: electro fusion
        • 5: embryo into surrogate.
        • offspring clone of body cell sheep
      • non-reproductive cloning g(stem cells)
        • used to generate cells, tissues, organs.
          • replace those that are damaged or faulty
        • advantages of your stem cells clones
          • being genetically identical reduces rejection
          • donor list reduced
          • generate any cell as totipotent
          • less dangerous than operation/ infection
        • examples: heart muscle after attack, muscles cells multiple sclerosis, damage to spinal chord


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