Andreas Vesalius

Andreas Vesalius was the first person in the medical renaissance to stand up and say that Galen is slightly wrong.

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  • Andreas Vesalius
    • Background
      • He was born in Brussels in 1514. He studied medicine in Paris and Italy. Then he became professor of surgery in Padua in Italy. He died in 1564
    • Before Vesalius
      • Doctors believed that the books of Galen were completely accurate and didn't want to learn anything else about anatomy through dissection
    • After Vesalius
      • He showed that Galen was slightly wrong about anatomy. He said that Galen was wrong because he dissected animals rather than humans
    • Things he discovered
      • He discovered that Galen was wrong about the human jaw bone. It is made out of one piece not two
      • He discovered that blood does not move through the septum, as Galen previously said.
    • Things he said
      • He said that it is vital that doctors dissect human bodies to find out more about the human structure and how it works
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