An Inspector Calls: Equality (Themes)

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  • Equality in The Inspector Calls
    • Inspector Goole acts as the mouthpiece of J.B. Priestly in order to show his views in Social Responsibilty
    • There is a contrast difference between the lives of the Middle-Class (The Birling Family & Gerald) and the Lower-Class workers (Eva Smith/Daisy Runton)
    • During the Inspector's Monologue, he say: 'Fire, blood and anguish'
      • He indicates that if this injustice continued to be allowed in society then the outcome will be nothing but pain and suffering
    • During the story, Sheila began to challenge Mrs Birling's belief in her superior position as the chair of Brumley Women's Charity Organization
    • 'as if we were all mixed up together like bees in a hive – community and all that nonsense' -Mr Birling
      • This shows how naive and ignorant Mr Birling as if he believes that as a communist, everyone must be separated from each other
    • 'Girls of that class' -Mrs Birling
      • Here she's categorising Eva Smith to be the same as everyone else in the lower class. She discriminates them due to them being in a lower social position
    • 'I blame the young man who was the father.'
      • Mrs Birling is shown to have a negative opinion about this situation even though she is not aware that this 'young man' was actually her own son. She seems to see everyone to be the same as men are supposed to have the responsibility to care for their family.


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