An Inspector Calls

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    • The inspector arrives and says that a young woman called Eva Smith has committed suicide by drinking disinfectant.
    • Arthur gives a speech to Eric (the Birling's son) and Gerald about business.
      • He says every man should look after himself.
      • This promotes the theme of masculinity.
    • The play opens with the Birling's celebrating Sheila's engagement.
      • Sheila suspects that Gerald, her fiancée lost interest last summer but doesn't know why.
    • The inspector begins to question each family member.
      • The first to be questioned was Mr Birling, it turns out that he sacked Eva from her job at the factory.
        • Theme: Social responsibility
    • The second to be questioned was Sheila, and she asked for Eva to be sacked from a department store last year.
      • It turns out that Sheila was jealous of Eva.
      • Theme: Class/Power
    • After this, the inspector explains that Eva changed her name to Daisy Renton.
      • Gerald appears shocked and Eric leaves


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