an inspector calls

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  • an inspector calls
    • sheila birling is in her early 20s
      • shelia got her fired from millwoods for smiling at her in a dress
    • eric birling  is in his early 20s
      • eric got eva smith pregentent
    • gerald croft is in his mid 30s
      • gerald had an affair with eva smith/ daisy renton
    • mr birling is in his 50s
      • mr birling had eva smith fired because she asked for more money
    • mrs birling is in her 50s
      • mrs birling refused to help eva because she was pregntent and single
    • eva smith/ daisy renton is 24
      • eva smith kills herself by drinking disinfectant
        • she is pergentent
    • the inspector is not a real inspector and his name was inspector goole


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