American Line dance

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  • American Line dance
    • Origins
      • Folk  dance
      • Sinmilarities to Barn dance
      • Mainly country and western music
        • Sometimes Rock and roll or disco
    • Key features
      • A caller who demonstratesand calls the steps
      • Simple melodies
      • Lyrics tell a story
      • Counts- number of beats needed to complete one sequence of the dance
      • Basic is one repetition of main dance
      • Restart is when the dance is started again
    • Instruments
      • Electric rock band instruments
      • Fiddle
      • Banjo
      • Steel  guitar
    • Steps
      • Men and women in mixed lines facing the same way, same steps
      • Movement concentratedon legs and torso
      • Each dance consists of a number of walls (way the dancers are facing)
        • A one wall dance means that dancers face the same way at the start and end of a sequence
    • Popularity
      • Became more popular as a result of John Travolta films
      • Billy Rae  Cyrus Achy Breaky Heart dance furthered popularity


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